Correct preparation for interview is paramount to getting the job, don’t forget, there is no prize for second place, you need to be going for gold! When going to interview be sure you have read up on the company and job specification, you’ll need to know

Company details

Your recruitment agent will give you a web link. Be sure to read up and quiz the agent on anything you don’t know. It’s the recruitment agencies job to fill the gaps v/ Location. Make sure you have planned your route. The more successful candidates will do a dry run if possible. If you’re unable to do this at least give yourself plenty of time to get as there is nothing worse than turning up to an interview flustered and late!

Job description

Get a good overview from a written or verbal specification from your recruitment agency v/ Who? Who you will be seeing, their name, title and responsibility


Will there be any tests? Written or verbal? How long have you got to complete a test? Length of interview – make sure you have allowed yourself the allocated time. Leaving an interview early for other appointments will almost certainly disqualify you


Prepare and research a number of questions on the company and job role for your interviewers. Show an interest in the company and don’t forget they have to sell themselves to you as much as you to them


First impressions are extremely important. A firm handshake with eye contact shows you are confident and reassures your potential employer that you could be the one for them. Always were a suit and tie and don’t forget to turn off that mobile phone!


Go prepared with paper and pen ready to make notes. Take a few copies of your CV and examples of your work if required


Please don’t before the interview. However many you smoke a day save it for after the interview. Non smokers are particularly sensitive to this and smell you a mile away


It shouldn’t have to be mentioned but you’d be surprised! Do not drink before an interview. It has been known and can guarantee you will not get the job!

TOP TIP – A firm handshake with eye contact shows you are confident.