Your CV is your gateway to the work world. An excellent CV can open doors to opportunities you didn’t even know existed. In the age of the internet, e-mail, ever better recruitment agency databases and professional networking sites employers receive more CV’s then ever before. With so many to view make yours stand out. Get ready to represent your talents in the marketplace with our top CV writing tips


Keep it to two pages if possible


Make it relevant. Outline key skills and experiences for easy reading


It should be clear and easy to navigate

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Summary of Key experiences and qualifications
  • Professional Experience (most recent first)
  • Education
  • Extensive list of skills
  • Hobbies / Interests
  • References


Highlight your strengths so the employer is thinking, “I really want to speak to this person”


You may have enough experience to write a CV as long as War & Peace but clients only want to see specifics. You can expand on experiences in an interview


Particular projects or skills you have would be ideal. Avoid listing microscopic detail of skills you’ve worked with. Employers will want to see your core competencies and expect you to explain how you have worked with them


You will need to provide references at some point. If you’d prefer to give these at a later date simple state ‘on request’ otherwise put either 2 professional or 1 professional and 1 personal


No negatives in a CV! Happens far too often. Even with a bad experience don’t share them on your CV. Keep it upbeat and positive

TOP TIP – Highlight your strengths so the employer is already thinking, “I really want to speak to this person”