You may have been through several rounds of interviews and delivered presentations to get to this stage. It will have taken valuable time and emotional stress. Therefore, the importance of getting the right offer and accepting is important. A recruitment agency is extremely useful in these circumstances as the subject of offer can be considered non negotiable. This is not the case. Recruitment agents are professionals who are able to negotiate and handle the offer so both parties are happy with the outcome


If you have been represented by a recruitment agency then this will have been discussed throughout the interview process and should be a salary you are happy with. If you have not used a recruitment agent and the offer isn’t what you expected you need to be confident of your value and direct with the employer in regards to your expectations


Be crystal clear of the benefits you are entitled to and when they kick in. Many companies require a candidate to work a probation period before all benefits apply. Read the contract carefully so you understand these


Make sure you are aware of what you are entitled too.

Sometimes working on contracts can be a little confusing as offer of public holidays is included. If you are unsure speak to your recruitment agent or the company


It’s always worth broaching the subject. If you are studying outside of work or looking to gain a qualification that will benefit the company then subsidy to study can be offered. In the main, employers will encourage further development of their staff so don’t be afraid to ask


Once you have finalised the full package the most enjoyable part is upon you! Accepting the job. Complete the forms and sign the contract and either hand in personally – quite a nice touch to meet your employer before you start working for them or by post


Finally, once you have accepted the offer remove your CV from the job boards. Politely let any other company or recruitment agency you are working with know you have found a new position. Whether you let them know who you have accepted the offer with is your prerogative

TOP TIP – Many companies require a candidate to work a probation period before all benefits apply

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