If asked to do a presentation it is usually in advance. Therefore, there is no excuse not to perform? Why is that so many people your head, project struggle with the one part of the interview where they are in complete control? Use this as an opportunity to stand out from the competition. Practice, practice and practice until you get it right. Practice your nerves will naturally presentation in front of friends or family.

Better still your recruitment agency that are make you speed up able to offer professional advice. A few key hints and tips are


This goes without saying. Preparation will help calm any nerves and allow you to deliver a great presentation


There should be three basic sections. Introduction, middle and conclusion. Introduction allows you to tell your audience what you are going to present. The middle section is presenting what you’ve told them you are going to present. Your conclusion recaps what you have just told them. Simple? It should be


Presentation lengths will vary. For interviews 10 minutes would be a good guideline. Keep your audience interested


When nerves kick in it can be very easy to speak into your chest, screen or somewhere other than your audience. Remember to lift your head, project your voice and speak clearly. Speak slowly.

Exaggerate this as you naturally speed up in interview


So often over looked. Allow for pauses and gaps. This can emphasise a particular point. Give your audience a chance to digest what you have said. Portrays a confident speaker. If it feels uncomfortable pausing then take a sip of water. This acts as a natural pause and does the job

TOP TIP – Remember to lift your head, project your voice and speak clearly.  Also try to speak slowly as nerves will naturally make you speed up

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